Our seafood meat cultivation
takes its cue from nature

Forsea aims to nourish the world with delicious, high-quality seafood, while securing the ocean’s health & wealth.

As the global demand for seafood continues to rise, intensive aquaculture is already disrupting oceanic ecosystems, and raising countless concerns for the environment and population health.

Curbing seafood demand is impossible,  so we’re using science to create positive disruption.

Seafood meat cultivation,
with extra innovation.

By using our proprietary organoid technology platform, we are harnessing nature’s tissue formation methods to produce healthy and tasty seafood meat.

A Seabed of Unique Advantages

We’ve perfected the only commercially-viable seafood cultivation process.
But that’s not all:

Creating a Ripple Effect That Benefits Everyone


Fish Traders

The Food
Service Industry

The Planet

Meet the Team

Roee Nir
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Moria Shimoni
Co-Founder & CTO
Dr. Itay Nakdimon
Dr. Yaniv Elkouby
Dr. Iftach Nechman

Sea What We’re Up To

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